Chapter 19: The Plasma

Inside Derek’s Lab the two vampires, Elvenor and Derek, start the preparation of the first Plasma potion. It’s a particularly complicate, difficult procedure. Both are extremely nervous.

“Here the instructions Melinda put together for us. Listen carefully! There are 26 ingredients and there’s a specifc time for adding and mixing each one. Especially the final step can be very tricky. I need you stay next to me and to read these instructions slowly, as I prepare the formula.

“Please remember, if the whole takes longer than 40 minutes some of the ingredients will perish and the potion won’t work.

Again, there can be no mistakes. We only have enough ingredients for one try!”

Around one hour later…

“We’re almost there, only the blood plasma missing. But listen! The potion MUST reach the temperature of EXACT 36.7 degrees Celsius (98.06 Fahrenheit) and be kept at this temperature for exact 3 minutes, before adding the last component.” Derek said, carefully checking the instructions in the book.

“Programing temperature/time now… 36.7 degrees Celsius, 3 minutes!”,  Elvenor says, without looking at Derek, focusing on the data on the screen.

Shortly after…

“We did it! That’s it, the potion is ready!”,  Elvenor says exited, checking the results on the screen.

“Here, Derek! Is that not wonderful? If this works, no vampire will ever need human blood to survive again. This portion not only replaces the human blood, but it also ceases all the anxiety generated by the lack of it.

Now all we have to do is to test it on Elvira, shall we?”
“Why don’t WE try it instead of putting Elvira’s recovery in unnecessary danger? I don’t know… Don’t you think it’s a bit early to wake her up? We don’t even know yet for how long the formula will work… or if it works at all!”

“Oh, my Derek… always so concerned with others… But don’t worry, everything is under control. I can handle Elvira, even without the Plasma.”

“If the portion works, she’ll only need a small dose of my blood to be completely healed.”

As soon as Elvenor opens the sarcophagus, like a beast, Elvira jumps out, and attacks everybody and everything around her.
“I said she was not ready yet!”, Derek said, looking  at Elvira, his eyes filled with pity.
“Don’t be so pessimistic, Derek. Give me some credit, would you?!”

8Calm down, Elvira. We are here to help you.

“Look into my eyes, Elvira. Concentrate on my voice. All you see is my eyes. All you hear is my voice. Everything else has no importance now. Your sole aim of life is to follow my commands… Obey your master!”

“When you hear I say the word “plasma” and clap my hands, you will wake up from the trance. You will return to normal and will remember nothing. Until then, You will Do as I command.”
“You are now calm, Elvira. You are in peace with yourself.”

“Who am I, Elvira?”
“My master.”
“How are you feeling?”
“I’m feeling well, calm…”
“Well done, Elvira”

“Now you will drink this. Drink it all! Then I want you to tell me how you feel.”

13“Drink… drink it all…”

14“How do you feel, Elvira?”
“I feel well, calm…”

“Plasma!”, Elvenor says, as he claps his hands loudly, awakening Elvira from the trance she was in.

“Huh? What am I doing here? What is this? Who are you?”, she stutters in confusion.
“How are you feeling, Elvira?”, Elvenor asks, analyzing her carefully.

“I’m fine … I mean, more or less … but who the hell are you?”, Elvira asks, without hiding her astonishment.

“I am Elvenor, the creator of Derek. The first vampire.”, he answers, adding a pause, giving her time to organize her thoughts. Then he continues.

“We took you from the sarcophagus. You are almost healed, but you’ll need my blood quickly, before the symptoms return.”

“Here, drink it now!… we can talk later.”, he says, stressing her. Elvira obeys.

“How do you feel now?”, he asks again.

“I’m great! I mean … normal. No anxiety, no negative emotion. I feel really fine. Like before I became a vampire.”

“Perfect … But there is still a test. Wait here, I’ll get the test object.”, he says, before leaving the lab for a short time. Soon he returns, holding a toddler in his arms and walks towards Elvira.

“You think you could hold this child for me?”

“Sure”, she answers, with a firm, steady voice.

“Oh, what a cute baby girl!… Is that not wonderful? I don’t feel that crazy desire to feed on her anymore. Nothing. She’s only a child! This is the effect of your blood?”, she asks, turning back to Elvenor once more, while still holding the toddler in her arms.

“Partially. But it was mainly because of the Plasma you drank.”

“Plasma?”, Elvira looked at him confused.

“I had to hypnotize you after you’re out of the sarcophagus, this was the only way to keep you under control. We woke you up twenty years ahead of time, hoping to be able to cure you with the Plasma. You’re now completely healed.”

“This means that I can join my daughter?”

“First … please give me this child back. The potion still needs to be refined. We have no idea yet how long it will last.”

“And, yes, theoretically you could join your daughter. However, this will still not be possible. At least not for the time being. We still need your help.”

“No! All I want is to live with my daughter. As you yourself said, you guys already caused me enormous damage!”, she replies, altering her voice. Completely disappointed by Elvenor response, she stares at him, waiting for an apology. As nothing comes, she continues, without hiding her rage.

“Forget that I exist. I want nothing to do with you all!”

26“It’s not that simple, Elvira. Now you are one of us. You can not turn your back, the decision is not yours to take.”

“Ah, but you are so very much mistaken! It’s me who decides my life and I decided to live with my daughter. And there’s nothing you can do!”, she replies, challenging him.

“You spent over fifteen years in the sarcophagus. I don’t think you will have the same opinion when you know what’s happening in this world. For the sake of your own daughter, you will help us.”, Elvenor answers with a terrifying firmness in his voice, as he is about to reveal a secret that would change everyone’s life.

“This is nothing but a trick to keep me here. Do you think I don’t know all your games?”, Elvira answers, daring him again.

Even suspecting that something is not correct, Elvira tries to ignore her sixth sense. But her suspicions are confirmed when Derek intervenes.

“True, Elvira. They have not yet arrived here, but already everywhere. We need to unite to fight them. Otherwise, the world, the way we know it will soon no longer exist.”

Meanwhile, at Charlotte and Cataleya…




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Chapter 18: Guinea Pig

Cataleya (Narrated by Cataleya)

Yesterday was my birthday. Aunt Lotte surprised me with a beautiful cake, with 15 candles on it. One candle for each year of my life. She said they’d also bring good luck for my next 15 years.

I do not really believe in such things, but when I saw all those small candles, I couldn’t help to reflect on my life. I just have to look around to see all the pain, illness… So much misery girls at my age have to bear, while I have a beautiful house, beautiful outfits, I go to the best school in town… Hmm, I don’t have any servants but… well, we have Bonehilda. She’s a great help and, above all, she’s very discreet.

Yes… I am lucky… and happy too! Well, how could I not be? It would be very ungrateful to the universe and especially with Aunt Lotte, wouldn’t it? Although she isn’t my mother, she always took good care of me. She always gave me everything I wanted. She fulfills even my smallest, insignificant wishes. But, the most important, she teaches me everything she knows. She wants me to be a great witch and there’s nothing on Simsearth I want more than to be like her.

Hmm, wait! There is something I want as much as becoming a great witch: I want to meet my mother! But I know it’s only a matter of time until she returns to us.

I never believed in what Aunt Lotte insists on telling me, not even one bit. I know my Mom is in some kind of trouble, she’s somehow trapped, but she is not in a recovery clinic! I’ve seen her many times in my dreams. She communicates with me and she seems quite normal.

Already as a little child, I was able to see how concerned Aunt Lotte becomes every time I talk about Mom. She gets nervous, impatient and there’s guilt in her voice. She tries to change subject as quickly as possible.

Aunt Lotte seems not to realize it, but I have a very accurate perseption, much higher than anyone I know. I can read people’s emotions… very easily!

I am not very sure why I have this power. Maybe it’s because of all the spells and magic I learned from Aunt Lotte. She’s been teaching me so many amazing things… and she said this is only the beginning of a very long journey! Perhaps all this has whetted my perception. Maybe it’s also this perception that allows me to sense my mother’s presence.

It all started after I completed my second birthday, when I turned into a child. At first, I just felt a presence, and I got really scared. I kept looking around but never saw anything. Then I started to dream of that presence. But even in my dreams, everything was very cloudy, I could see no more than outlines… or shadows. I even started painting those outlines, hoping it would help me see more. And it did!

In one of those dreams, I was able to see a coffin. It was actually a sarcophagus… It was standing in the corner of a cold, strange room.  A room with no windows. It was a little similar to the lab we have in our basement, only more modern and sophisticated. There were many different kinds of equipment, machines that I never saw before.

But the moment I saw that coffin, I instantly knew that my mother was inside it. And I also knew she was alive.

At first, I didn’t quite understand how it’s possible that she’s inside a sarcophagus and still alive. But over time, as Aunt Lotte started teaching me about all the supernatural beings that inhabit our planet and their origins, I came to a conclusion: My mother is a vampire.


Elvira (narrated by Elvira, inside the sarcophagus)

Derek was right, the voices calm down eventually…

Screenshot-175At first, I thought it was going to burst. It seemed the whole world was inside my mind, babbling, singing, crying, screaming…

I came to the brink of madness. I screamed, punched, kicked the sarcophagus, I tried to break it in all possible ways. But fatigue overcame me, and I fell asleep. I do not know how long I had been sleeping, but I remember when I woke up again.

The voices were all still there and they still bothered me. But soon I figured out how to focus on one and silence the others. Then I began to choose the nice, peaceful voices as they had a reassuring effect on me. Then I heard someone calling my name. I focused on that voice, hoping it was Cataleya calling for me. But I soon realized it was another Elvira. Nevertheless, after that experience, I realized I could look for my daughter. I really missed Cataleya and wondered where she was, what she was doing, how she looked like.

Since I had no idea where Cataleya was, I spent all my time looking for Charlotte. I was sure, finding Charlotte, I’d also find my daughter. After all, she should be the only person who knew where Cataleya was.

It wasn’t easy to find her but time was everything I had by then. When I finally found her, it was easy to focus on Cataleya. From that day on, I was there, together with my little angel… mentally. All I wanted was to get to know her. I wanted to know who she was, what she liked, how she felt.

Despite the jealousy I felt for Charlotte, I was happy to learn that she took Cataleya under her wings. Most important, she moved away from that house. Cataleya was having a healthy life, away from all that madness she was born in. No one knew where she was, not even Derek.

I used to sleep almost all the time inside the sarcophagus but all little time I managed to be awake, I used to spend with my daughter. She was my whole existence. I started living her life, seeing the world through her eyes.

After a while, however, I realized that I had a negative influence on her, especially when tried to reach her in her dreams. I didn’t know how she managed, but she was able sense me. At first I scared her. But after, she tried to communicate with me.

For this reason, I was forced to limit my time with her to the time she was awake. Usually at the end of the day, when she used to play at her treehouse.

And so I kept observing her life from afar. Although I couldn’t help feeling sad for not to being able to be a part of her life, I was relieved to see she was living a good, healthy life.

Right after she turned into a teen, I was suddenly woken up by someone I would never expect.


“Fifteen years have passed and I haven’t made any progress in the research of this stupid potion, not even one step closer! Something is missing… but what is it?”

Screenshot-62“How am I supposed to work on something without the necessary knowhow? If only Charlotte were here to help me… or if Elvira would finally find her balance again. She was the perfect person for this task!”

Screenshot-59“Alone, I doubt I’ll ever succeed in this research.”

(A few days later…)

“Good morning, Elvira!… well, I know if you can’t hear me but, believe me, I wish you could!”

Screenshot-71 (talking to himself, aloud)
“Although… hmm, it has been quite some time that she didn’t kick over the sarcophagus, trying to escape. Did she have already enter the third stage?”

“No… I don’t think so. This should only happen at least ten years from now!

Hmm… but… she does have my blood, what makes her an almost direct descendant of Elvenor… Who knows what she’s capable of? Everything is possible.”

Derek  continues, not noticing he has company, until he hears a familiar voice coming from the other side of the lab.

“Yes, Derek. She has started the third phase,” says Elvenor, abruptly, scaring Derek.


“How are you, my dear, old apprentice?” Elvenor says, hugging him lovingly.

“Not good… not good at all! You can’t imagine how I needed to talk to you. I was not able to…”, says Derek excited. But Elvenor cuts him before in the middle of his sentence.

“I found the missing ingredient. We can now complete the formula. I want you to help me with the creation of the first Plasma.”


“Yes, I decided to call it after the missing ingredient, the blood plasma.”

“Blood plasma?”

“Yes! Plasma is the often forgotten component of blood. White blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets are essential to body function, but plasma also plays a crucial, and mostly unrecognized, job, carrying these blood components throughout the body as the fluid in which they travel.

Plasma is the largest component of human blood, making up about 55 percent of its overall content. When isolated on its own, blood plasma is a light yellow liquid, similar to the color of straw. Along with water, plasma carries salts and enzymes.

Our mistake was, we kept using the whole blood, as we took out of humans. And it perished in the process. But, with Melinda’s help, I was able to isolate the blood plasma. Now we’ll use this pure plasma to make our potion.”


“Yes, we’re together again. She used her magic to help me on this.”

“Now Elvira will act as our guinea pig!”

“What? I cannot allow that! Elvira suffered enough in our hands and, in addition to it, she’s still in the sarcophagus.”

“Yes, I know. But she’s already started the third phase and is therefore quieter. If the formula works, the potion will help her complete the third cycle and she will be healed. If not, I’ll donate some of my blood to speed her healing, before I bring her back to the sarcophagus.”

“Either way, she has nothing to lose.”


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Chapter 17: I’ll Protect You


To fit this story in the Going Solo Challenge, I will now begin to tell the story of Cataleya, the second generation.
Elvira, the first generation, will be sleeping. Her LTW and career will be revealed later, when she will finally have achieved the self discipline, she needs to go on with her life. But she will not be forgotten. This is her story, and she will wake up one day. 

To avoid confusion, I will mention the narrator’s name at the beginning of each chapter.

  • Many thanks to elle0808 for the beautiful world Moon Valley, which I’ll be using in my next chapters.
  • All other CC I might be using are listed in Credits.


(narrated by Chalotte Dubois)

Soon after Elvira left for Derek’s lab, I hurried to her bedroom to check on Cataleya. I felt so sorry for the poor child … so little, so beautiful… and already alone in the world, at the mercy of others. I was determined to trust her to the best family I knew. I wanted to make sure that her future parents would love her as their own daughter.

She opened her eyes, when I took her from the crib, and looked at me. And she smiled at me… a very beautiful, captivating smile.

“Such a innocent, sweet smile…”, I thought as I gazed her with  amazement. Amid all the confusion, she was still smiling, as if her world was still unbroken.

“You know that you’ll probably never see your mother again, don’t you, my sweetheart? … No, of course you don’t. Otherwise you wouldn’t be grinning at me, would you?…”, I talked to her with a soft, sweet  but, in the same time, melancholic voice.

I played with her for a while, changed her diaper… then I fed her.

Suddenly, I heard the click of the sarcophagus, locking Elvira of our world, away from her little angel. “For how long?” I wondered…

“Come here, my sweetheart… “, I looked at her for a moment before continuing, “It’s a beautiful sunny day outside, why don’t we go to the garden?” Cataleya seemed to agree, smiling brightly.

“Has your mother already brought you here?… Oh, of course not, how could she? First Derek would not allow, then the sun would not allow… Well, my dear, here is our beautiful garden. Can you smell the flowers? Let’s stay here and enjoy the sun for a while?”

I sat on a bench, with Cataleya in my arms for over an hour, thinking about the past events. It took a while until I took a decision but, the moment I did, I had no doubt, for I did it with my heart. I knew this was the best thing to do. I looked back to Cataleya and said,

“You’re so beautiful, such a charming smile… No family would ever say no to you…. No, for sure not … But I’m the one who’ll take care of you. Are you listening to me? I am your aunt Charlotte. We’re going to move away from here, from this town… from this madness. I’ll take you to my cottage in Moon Valley, far from any danger. There, you will be able to grow up in a peaceful environment, I promise.”

“Holding her tight in my arms, I said,” And I’ll teach you everything I know. Starting with how to defend yourself from these crazy vampires. ”




It was not easy to convince Derek to let us go. He begged me to stay. He was horrified at being alone. But my decision was already taken. In less than a week, we were already on the road.

It was dark when we arrived at my little cottage in the woods, close to a small mountain. The nearest house was about five kilometers away, which made it the ideal place to raise Cataleya.

The house was very small, I had to share my room with Cataleya. I knew that, sooner or later. we’d have to move to a bigger place. But as long as Cataleya was a baby, or even a toddler, the place would suit us well. Most importantly, it had a huge basement, covering the entire extension of the house. And the basement was already equipped with everything I needed for my researches and the practice of witchcraft. I just needed to fill in the special tanks with fishes and small reptiles.

As I expected, the cottage looked like a mess. After all, it had already been more than three years since I had been there for the last time. And, to be honest, I never really cared for decorating it, since I used to stay there only for short periods of time, usually resting between two trips.

After installing Cataleya comfortably in the crib, I had bought on the way there, I went back down. Using my magical powers, I quickly transformed that dirty, messy house in a hospitable place to live.

Then I picked up Cataleya and showed her our new home, “Cataleya, my dear, I introduce you to your new home! Here, you will live a quiet life, free and away from all that madness you were born in.”




I didn’t want to send Cataleya to school, but to teach her myself. I had all I needed to teach her home in a neutral environment. I would organize a schedule, so that she would have her time divided into arts and science lessons in the morning. In the afternoon, witchcraft, self defense and a little time to play. After all, she was a child.

Soon, Cataleya completed her first year. She was now a toddler. As I suspected, she was as intelligent as her mother. She learned to walk in the blink of an eye. Soon, my preoccupation was to keep her away from the dangers she was exposed to, inside the house.

She also learned to speak very quickly. Cateleya was a very communicative and cheerful toddler. She never stopped walking around. She would run from one side to the other, chattering and touching on everything, especially where she should not. The first word she uttered was Lotte. But I think I forced a little…

But things changed when she became older. She began to inquire about her past, about her mother, about her father. On the rare occasions where we went to the village, I used to leave her playing with the other kids, while I was shopping. It was when she heard the other children talking about their families, that she realized for the first time that she was different. And she didn’t like it.

“Aunt Lotte, why don’t I have a father and a mother, like the other kids?”

That question took me completely by surprise. I should have known this might happen. But no, I had never thought about that before. I stared thoughtfully at her. I knew I should have told her the truth straight away, but I didn’t have the heart to do so. At least not at that moment. I decided to tell a half truth, something I could complete later, when I felt that she was ready.

“Your father died before you were born, Leya. And your mother… well, she got very, very sad, because she missed him so much. A few months after you were born, she needed help and she was admitted to a clinic. She’s been receiving the best treatment since then. And, as soon as she gets better, she will return to us. ”

“But can’t you cast a spell to bring my father back? This would also heal my mother and she’d come back sooner… And I would have a family, too.” She looked so sad when she asked, that it broke my heart.

“No, my dear. I can do lots of magic, but I can’t bring anyone back from the dead. And as for your mother, she just needs time. Pretty soon she’ll be back. You’ll see.”

“But I wanted so badly to have a family …”

“Honey, I am your family. There’s no difference. You’re my daughter, I love you all the same. Come here, give me a hug, my sweetheart!”

She grudginly accepted my answer and left sulking.

It was clear to me that something needed to be done. Contrary to what I had imagined, I, alone, was not able to replace a family Cataleya desired so much. She needed something that felt closer to it.

I decided, then, to move to another cottage, also in the woods but now next to a lovely lake. The new house was also closer to the city and bigger. It had an extra room, only for Cataleya. I thought this way, she would have more privacy.

I also changed my mind about her education and sent her to school. I realized how important it was for her to interact with children of her own age. I adopted also a cat and built a beautiful princess treehouse for her. Apparently, all these changes helped Cataleya recover her self-esteem.

In her free time, I would see her playing with Shadow, our new cat,

or inside her treehouse, either trying new spells or playing the queen of the enchanted forest, as she would say.

Often I had to go get her, because she had lost the notion of time and had fallen asleep in her castle, as she used to call her tree house.

Normally, I didn’t care about the few small transgressions she did, like forgetting the time. I always tried to remember, she was still a child. However, like all children, every now and then she crossed the line and it was necessary to be a little more rigorous. As punishment, she had to stand in the corner for a few minutes. Alone, of course!

Even after she had countless times promised to keep secret about my magic powers, I secretly cast a spell on her. Every time she left the house alone, she would forget that I was a witch.

Cataleya learned sciences, literature and arts at school and alchemy, zoology, botany and self-defense at home, plus a few small tricks of magic.

Cataleya has always shown much interest and a great talent for witchcraft. Since childhood, she could quickly reproduce most of the charms I taught her. And she used to practice them, later, hidden in her tree house. Only after having mastered them completely, she would call me to show her progress. I knew already that she had everything she needed to be a great witch.

One thing, however, started worrying me. Cataleya insisted on painting the same subject, the same image, over and over again.. A poorly drawn figure of something that, for me, looked more like a vampire. Although the frame was badly painted, it looked more like a scratch, she insisted on hanging it in her room.

When I asked for the reason, she said, she saw this woman in her dreams. She used to dream of her every now and then.

“She’s like… here all the time but she won’t hurt us. She just wants to be with us. She’s like a ghost but she’s not dead.”, she said.



To be continued… 


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Chapter 16: Me, The Beast!

* * * W A R N I N G ! * * *
Sensitive issues and rough language
in this chapter!

I took advantage that Derek wouldn’t be back until late at night to go see Cataleya. It had been nearly a day that I had not seen her. Although I knew Charlotte always took care of her in my absence, still, I missed my little angel. I couldn’t wait to have her in my arms again.

But, to my despair, Cataleya was not alone as I expected. I caught Tiberius and Anoki approaching my daughter. Tiberius was already taking her from the crib.

I stood there, at the door, starring at them, numb with shock. I was terrified. Cataleya was in great danger, Tiberius could kill her in the blink of an eye, and I wouldn’t even have the time to react. I knew that stay calm was imperative at that moment.

“Put my daughter immediately back in the crib!”, I told him, using an authoritarian and irrefutable voice. He stepped back, startled, and turned to the cradle, obeying my command. But Anoki let out a  sarcastic laugh, rolling his eyes, before confronting me.

“And what will you do … Newborn? Kill us? Why don’t you try? Do not be shy, come on … let’s see what you can do!”, “He said, triggering, challenging me.

In a supernatural impulse of a furious vampire, and protective mother, I jumped at Anoki.

Screenshot-51Within a fraction of second, my fangs were already stuck at his neck, sucking his blood with the voracity of a wild animal. When he tried to push me, I sucked even harder, holding him firmly until he died.

Until then, Tiberius seemed not to be able to move. He just stared at us in disbelief, in shock.

Anoki was already sliding between my arms, dead, when I felt the arms of Tiberius hugging me from behind, pulling me to him, trying to turn me away from Anoki. His fangs were already touching my neck.

As if giving in to his attack, I left Anoki fall immediately.

Screenshot-62But to his surprise, in the same movement, I pushed his arms firmly against his back. Then I clung to his neck, biting him, sucking his blood as fast as I could, drinking him dry. He kept trying to bite me, but I was stronger.

I could barely believe how easily I destroyed them both. Contrary to what I had imagined, I was the strongest of the three. “How come? I was created after them! …” I thought, confused.

“It seems Derek didn’t tell me the whole true. What else is he still hiding?”

But I had no time for that now, I had to check on Cataleya and then ask Charlotte for help. I still had to tell Derek… and I knew he’d be furious.

But before I could make it to the crib, I felt an immense pain going through my body, followed by a supernatural rage. Screenshot-166
I screamed – no, I roared like a lion – uncontrollably. My desire was to destroy everything that I saw on my way. Everything and everyone.

I felt, then, my eyes burning, they burned so much I wished I could pluck them from my face. I did not understand what was happening to me at that moment. It was as if demonic forces had invaded, possessed my body.

Scared, I run to the mirror, to see what was happening. I saw my eyes glowing. They were so bright! They looked like two torches of white lights. And I also felt much stronger than before … But, in a way, wilder. I felt an almost uncontrollable desire to break, to destroy everything.

Screenshot-163I realized I had absorbed something of Tiberius and Anoki. What exactly, I was not sure, maybe some of their power. But I began to wonder why Derek didn’t tell me this either… But, again, I had others priorities…

After I making sure both were really dead, I finally turned to Cataleya, to see if she was okay.

There she was, sleeping like an angel in her crib. I approached to hold her in my arms like you used to. However, the moment she was in my arms, a strange feeling took over me.

It was like a magnet was pulling me towards Cataleya. An almost irresistible desire welled up inside me. I did not want to just hug her or play with her. I did not care anymore about her sweet smile. All I saw at that moment was her blood running smoothly through her veins. All I wanted was to drink that blood.

I stopped, startled, and stared at her with wide eyes. While I loved her so much, I terribly desired that blood. And I was not even hungry. The blood I had drunk the day before still held me.Screenshot-78
“Oh, my little angel… forgive me… I.. I can’t… I just can’t!”

In a supernatural impulse, I left that room without looking behind. Neither Charlotte nor Derek was there to protect Cataleya from me. I needed to go far away from that house.

I went hunting to release my frustration. I looked for the most dangerous killer I could find. And drank  of him and, when I had enough, I butchered him, without any compassion. At that night, I was the beast.


It was almost dawn when I returned. I found Charlotte in the main lounge, playing the piano.

Powerful as she was, I was sure she knew what I had done. But contrary to what I expected, she did not say anything about what had happened. At least not immediately.

In tears, I explained what had happened to me, that I couldn’t come close to Cataleya anymore. I begged her to help us.

Screenshot-82“Please, Charlotte! There is something you can do to allow me to hold my baby again.”, I asked in despair.

Screenshot-86“My poor Elvira, I’m so sorry … Believe me, I would help if I knew how. Even a protection charm on Cataleya would not help for long. Especially now, she would be in constant danger.”, she said with a sad voice, while she hugged my, trying to give me some comfort.

“Why especially now, what do you mean with that, Charlotte?”, I asked, puzzled.

“Elvira, I’m not here to judge what you did. Those two abused a lot, they surely deserved it. However, the moment you killed them, you not only absorbed the force of two vampires, more than fifty years old each, but you also inherited their weaknesses and instability. That wouldn’t be a big deal for a vampire like Derek, for example, who knows how to control his emotions. But you were created only yesterday. I’m actually surprised you’re still alive, that you didn’t kill yourself. ”

But, I can’t believe I absorbed everything, as you say. I feel stronger, Yes, and all these voices… But beyond that, I don’t feel much of a difference so. … Charlotte, I just need some time to learn how to control myself. So I’m going to be able to resist the Cataleya, you’ll see! ” Charlotte just glared at me silently. But I could sense her disapproval, hidden in the gentle, soft expression of her face. But I continued anyway,

“I just need you to arrange a safe place for Cataleya, and I cannot know where she’ll be staying. I’m going to ask Derek to help me. I’ll continue here until I stabilize, until I learn how to control myself. ”

“If Derek helps you, still, it will take years until you can see Cataleya again. The path will be longer and harder than you can imagine. It may be that Cataleya is already an adult until then. That being optimistic. ”

“Why  if  Derek helps?”

“You know how much he loved those Newborns, Elvira. I never understood that love, but I know he cared a lot about them. He got already really mad when I killed Margot, and had not yet recovered. Now, losing them both, Tiberius and Anoki … ” after saying that, she stopped, as if I had to reflect for a moment,”

How did he react? “, I asked, worried.

“I’m the one who found the bodies… the ashes. He arrived soon after. He felt their death. To my surprise, Derek just asked me to collect the ashes for him and went down to his lab. And didn’t leave there until now. ”

“You think I should go down? Go talk to him? ”

“Can’t you feel him?”, she asked, looking astonished by my question.

“No. To be honest, there are so many voices in my mind that I can barely concentrate. They are driving me crazy. I could scream, cry. I can hear all the people, all over the city and the surrounding villages. Maybe even further.  I wish I could shut out the all the voices but I haven’t figured out how.”

“This, Elvira, is just the beginning. Go down to Derek. You need to confront him as soon as possible. You need his help. Even maybe disappointed, sad, or angry, he only has you now. But don’t expect too much from him. He’s hurt, he feels betrayed. He’s going to need a long time to forgive you. ”

And Cataleya?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her. I’m going to take you far away from here and I will protect her with a charm. I’m not going to let you get close as long as I consider you a threat to her. ”

Charlotte stared at Elvira as she leaves the salon. A sad look, because she knew what had happened. And she also knew that this was only the beginning…

“Poor thing … so much suffering!”


My legs trembled with fear when I went down to Derek’s lab. Although I knew he wouldn’t kill me, yet I had betrayed him. Even though I didn’t have a choice, I took him his protected ones away. And I had no idea how he would react.

I found him in the Lab, working frantically. He saw me arriving but he chose to ignore me. I just stood there, watching him, waiting for his reaction, but he didn’t respond. It was as if I wasn’t there. Finally, I decided to break the silence.

“I couldn’t do anything. It was they or my daughter. I didn’t even know I had the power to kill them. You never told me … ”

Seeming to have just come out of a trance, he suddenly stopped, listening. Then he approached slowly and said, coldly, “I have nothing more to say to you. I’ve already done everything I could… but seems that you decided to go your way!”

“Derek, please I need your help, now more than ever! I don’t know how … ”

“You have no idea what you’ve done, Elvira! Can’t you hear? I cannot help you. There is no ‘auto discipline potion’ available yet. Self control is something that is acquired after decades of effort, of training. That’s why a vampire is born weak. Their self discipline and power usually grow together, hand in hand. It should never happen differently.”  he said bitterly, interrupting me.

“It’s no use to quote me rules now, Derek! I need to know what to do!”, I said impatiently.

“What to do? Nothing! You will need to be locked in a sarcophagus for half a century.”

“What? Never! Now you’re being cruel, vindictive.” I said offended.

“You don’t understand, Elvira. You have no choice. Either you sleep for a while, or you’ll be eliminated. Don’t you think Elvenor will let you wander the streets killing everyone and destroying everything what you see, indiscriminately. ”

“But who said I’m going to do this? I’m not, I’m going to follow the rules. ”

“No, you won’t. You think I don’t know what happened tonight? How you butchered your victim? And this is only the beginning! ”

“But he was a killer, he deserved it.”

“Who are you to judge who deserves what? Or have you forgotten of your own words? ”

“I was still mad that I had to kill Tiberius and Anoki. I felt frustrated. ”

“And this gives you the right to kill someone brutally? Can’t you hear yourself, Elvira? This is not you. This is the blood of Anoki and Tiberius acting on your body, changing you. You’re acting like them. At this point, you are they. And tomorrow will be worse. And even worse in the days and years to come.”, He stopped and remained silent for a moment, looking into my eyes, giving me time to think about his words.

I looked at him ashamed and then I looked down. I knew he was right and I new I would do it again.

He continued,

“See this time as a training. Even inside the sarcophagus, you’ll still hear the voices. You’ll also feel all the impulses to kill and you’ll everything you can to escape. You will rebel. You’ll scream, even hit the sarcophagus, but, after a while, you’ll calm down and  fall asleep again. For a long, long time. But this will be a different kind of sleep. You’ll be aware of everything around you… and the voices will still be there with you. I recommend you try to select the voices you hear. Look for peaceful voices and watch them. Try to live their lives for a while. You will see that you will be able to see the world through their eyes, feel their joys, their wishes. This will surely accelerate your way towards the self control.”

“And how about blood? How will I survive without feeding myself?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. The sarcophagus will sustain you. And don’t ask me how. It is so.”

“How do I know that I will be ready to leave? And how am I going to be able to leave when I have reached my goal? ”

“Don’t worry, I’ll know. And I’ll be there when you need me. ”

“I can just see Cataleya once more? Please, I beg you, I just wanted to feel her in my arms one last time … ”

Screenshot-32“Look at yourself and tell me, honestly, what would you really do if you could hold her in your arms … just inches away from your mouth?”

I didn’t answer. Derek was right, deep down I knew I was using the excuse of being Cataleya’s mother to bring her to me and feed upon her. That’s what I really wanted.

At that moment I realized that it was as if there were two entities inside my body. One was that Euvira that I had always known, polite, patient, kind. But the other was a wild, cruel hunter, who wanted not only to kill, but to kill slowly, causing as much pain as possible. I felt pleasure in killing, in seeing my victim suffering. And I would do everything in my power to take away their life slowly, prolonging their suffering the most, because each moment of suffering brought me an unparalleled pleasure.

While I knew that the time in the sarcophagus would help me, there was also this other side that wanted to get away at any cost. And that feeling grew with each minute, uncontrollably. If I didn’t get in the sarcophagous next few moments, Derek would have to literally hunt me and lock me up.

Here, this sarcophagus was created by Elvenor. It has a healing power, will definitely speed up the process. I’ll leave it here, in my Lab. So you will be able to feel my presence and will know that you are not alone.

I stopped in front of the sarcophagus, reluctantly. I was scared to death to enter and tried to plead one last time. I wanted to avoid what, for me, felt more like a punishment than a healing process. “Please, Derek. Do not let me go through this. There must be another way …”

“Elvira! You enter now, or I’ll push it inside!” He said resolutely.

Tears rolled down my face as I entered the sarcophagus. A moment later, I could hear the door lock from the outside. A total darkness surrounded me and I fell asleep almost immediately.

vampire-151457_640To be continued…

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Chapter 15: I Am A Vampire

“I need you to assist me in my research. Charlotte already helps me a lot, but her help is limited to witchcraft. I need another vampire.

We have some extraordinary powers wizards have not, for example agility and physical strength.

We can move so fast that others have the illusion that we disappear and reappear. We also have superior vision, we don’t need microscopes, for example. All our senses are superior to those of the witches. ”

“And why should I help you? Can you give me one single reason?!”

“As you read yourself, it is one of the codes, which you must obey as a vampire. Moreover, it should be among your priorities, since it must be your greatest desire to keep Cataleya…”

“And how about Tiberius and Anoki? Don’t they assist you?”

“You know very well that I cannot count on them”

“Surprise, surprise…”

“Please spare me from your sarcasm, Elvira!”, he said, annoyed.

“Right now, I’d be much more interested in being able to walk in the daylight as you do. For what reason you are the only one with this power?”

“Originally no vampire can walk in daylight. However, there is indeed a potion that protects us from the sun’s rays. By decision of Elvenor himself, just a few vampires can enjoy this potion.”

“Why only some vampires?”

“Already due to our diet, we, vampires represent a danger to mortals. Only vampires who have reached a certain maturity, the complete self-discipline and recognize mortals as equals and treat them with respect, deserve to be among them.”

“I understand … But how Elvenor realizes that a vampire has achieved such requirements?”

“Elvenor is not just a vampire. Because of his origin, he has powers that no vampire will ever have. Powers that not even I can imagine. He always proved to be observing us. More than once, I already saw him appearing out of nowhere at a time when someone failed to respect the rules.”

“And do you know where he is now?”

“No, no one does.”

I could not hide my disappointment to learn that I would not be able to enjoy the daylight for a long time. But I decided to help Derek anyway. My curiosity only was reason enough to help him. All those books represented a fantastic new dimension of reality that would now be available to me and I could not wait to put my eyes on them.

“But you will ensure that I’ll have unrestricted access to all the information, won’t you? This is a condition.”

“Do not think you are in a position to impose conditions, as this is part of the codes. But, yes, of course you will have unrestricted access to all books and machines. But everything at its time. Before I make sure you know how to use the machines, please do not touch them.”

He said exactly what I wanted to hear. I was delighted with the idea of starting with the research. However, there was something else much more important. A situation to be clarified as quickly as possible. Cataleya!

“But I would like us to move, to take Cataleya to another place as fast as possible. Perhaps the house where I lived before … I can continue with the research still …”

“Are you crazy? I can not let you do that! Your daughter would never survive, Elvira! You would kill her on the first day. Do not be fooled into thinking that just because she’s your daughter, you would spare her.”

“What are you implying? I’m not a vampire? Equal to you? Why are you still holding me prisoner? What’s going on here that I still do not know?”

“You still do not understand, Elvira. I do this for your sake and to protect your daughter. Your transformation is not yet complete. The moment you turn completely, which should happen in the coming hours, I want you go see Cataleya. Go and try to hold her. See how long you can stay close to her.”

After a pause, he continued …

“If you both stay here maybe we can still find a solution for Cataleya. I’m sure Charlotte will help.”

“I can not stand staying in this house any longer, Derek. You know very well what it represents to me.”

“Please wait until you are a vampire to talk then. For now, I want us to stay here. Feel free to look around, you can have look at the books… all of them. I only ask not to touch any of the machines yet.”




Hours later, the transformation began. The warmth I felt was growing, becoming unbearable, until I felt my blood boiling, burning inside my body, my veins. At that moment, strangely, I felt every bit of humanity leaving my body, disappearing gradually. I was dying.

At one point, the need for breathing stopped. The blood stopped circulating and the heart stopped beating. I was dead. And, still… I was not.

At that very moment, everything seemed to have stopped. It was like the world around me stand still… A total silence, a moment of complete nonexistence.

Less than a second later, it was like my body went into flames. But that fire was not a fire that burns, the way humans know it. It was a cold fire. It was a fire of total ecstasy, and it involved my entire body, turning it into what I am now, a vampire.

Everything was different. The objects were different, the colors were different. The sensations were different. When I touched an object, I felt it much more intensively than before. This also happened to all the other senses. . I could hear all the sounds coming from inside and outside the house, even a block away. I could also hear the thoughts of all mortals near home. There weren’t words I heard, but images, feelings. I knew what they felt.

When I looked at Derek, he was smiling. Screenshot-26
“Let me look at you…” he said with a playful voice as he watched me thoroughly

Playing his game, I showed myself, smiling, and said, using one lighthearted tone, “So? What do you think? How am I as a vampire? Do I look dangerous?”

Instead of answering, he just smiled as he continued to look at me carefully. Soon I realized that he needed no words to communicate with me. There was a silent communication between us, a very special connection.  I stared at him incredulously, perplexed.

“I’m your creator, that’s why.” He said with an understanding smile on his lips.

“You can read my thoughts?”

“No. But I can feel you. I feel your presence infinitely more intensely than any other vampire, except for Elvenor, of course.”
“Do you feel my hunger?”

“Yes. But I do not need special powers for that. All vampires are born hungry. You’re no exception.”

“I’m starving, I cannot think of anything but drinking… blood! I can’t wait to try it…”

“Come on, I’ll teach you how to hunt without bringing unnecessary suffering.”, he said, pointing me the door.




We were in a dark street. Derek stopped in front of a sinister corridor. As a mortal, I would never dare go there, not even during the day. I heard voices, men chatting. I heard their thoughts. One was a killer, the other a thief. They were heading to a bar to ambush someone, a prostitute they had hired their services the night before. They used her for hours. Then they left… without caring to pay for her services. She cursed them, accused them of thieves. Now they would rape her together. Then maybe kill her.

“Are you hearing them?” Derek asked, breaking my silence.

“These two slickers do not deserve to live!” I said angrily.

You attract them here, while I stay hidden. When they are the close enough, we attack together.  You catch the killer and me, the thief.

I followed Derek’s plan and called them to me while Derek remained hidden. In fact, they came immediately. They must have found me an easy prey … a woman alone in the night.

Without hesitation I sank my fangs into the victim, feeding for the first time. When I realized, I was levitating… and still holding my victim!

We were both suspended in the air, just a few centimeters from the ground. I dropped him immediately, startled, and looked at Derek, who let out a loud laughter, not hiding his amusement.

Screenshot-129“Welcome to the world of vampires, cherie!” He said, bending down his upper body respectfully before me.

“Are they not charming your new powers? Do not be scared, levitate while drinking is normal. This just means that both we and the victim are feeling pleasure.

But… remembering your own words a little while ago, I thought you would torture him to the death. Why did you not?”

At the question of Derek, I realized that, contrary to what I believed, when we drink from someone, we do not just drink blood. It is not that simple. Everything is like a dance, a sensual dance, in which the vampire exercises full control over the victim.

In this strange dance, I felt my victm fully and I was able to direct his thoughts, emotions and sensations. This contact with the vampire might mean for the victim a feeling of pleasure or pain. This will only depend on the vampire. I drank from that evil mortal but I was not able to make him suffer.

“I am not a god to judge the actions of others. Much less I feel in the position to punish someone.” I said thoughtfully and even disappointed, remembering what Margot and the other vampires had done.

“You did not disappoint me, Elvira. On the contrary! Because we are vampires, we need not be vicious killers. We need blood to survive, that is a fact. But we can make this meeting a nice keepsake for the victim.”

“But even if we do not kill our victims, they must die because of us, so we can keep our secret. What’s nice about it?” I asked, frustrated.

“This is not true. We can make them forget everything after. They will only have perhaps inexplicable erotic dreams or nightmares. It will only depend on us, the message that we implement in their minds.”

I felt chills on hearing that statement. I felt my legs shaking, my heart froze. I was ready to pounce on Derek, accusing him of the cruelest crimes when he, reading my thoughts, stopped me and continued,

“Both Charlotte and I had already decided to erase your memory when Elvenor showed up. He commanded us to keep you in our house until you could have the option to be turned. If you accepted, I should request your help with the research.”

“The presence!” I thought aloud, leaving Derek completely puzzled.

“What are you talking about?”

“Since I entered that house, I felt being watched. I first thought it was the Newborns, then you… And this presence wasn’t there all the time. Months went by when I did not feel anything, but the presence intensified at the end of my pregnancy.”

“And how about now?”, he asked, trying to guess what it could be.

“No… absolutely nothing!”

“Obviously, Elvenor has plans for you. You were not the first victim I saved from the Newborns,. But you was the only one, Elvenor did not let us erase the memory.”

After picking up again my victim to erase his memories, Derek showed it was almost sunrise, and it was time for us to return.




Back home, he showed me another secret room with direct access to my room. Inside was a coffin for me.Screenshot-147
Affectionately, Derek explained everything I had to know about the different types of sarcophagus and taught me how to use them.


vampire-151457_640To be continued…

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Chapter 14: The Research

* * *   W A R N I N G !   * * * 
Sensitive issues and rough language
in this chapter!


I was not sure if the memories I had, of Margot attacking me, were real or just a terrible nightmare. On the other hand, an attack of that magnitude would definitely leave marks all over my body, but I did not find any.

Nevertheless, I felt a strong headache when I got up, and my neck was burning so much… I also felt a strange feeling of heat going through my body, almost unbearable. It was as if my blood was boiling in my veins.

I went check on Cataleya. She was sleeping like an angel. Her features were so soft… and her little lips smiled gently… she was such a sweet, little baby! I had never loved someone so deeply in my entire life, not even Jean. A simple glance of Cataleya had the power to change my mood completely.

I let her sleep a little longer and went get changed. When I finished combing my hair, I saw a strange mark on my neck. I approached the mirror to examine it better. My hands got numb and my heart froze by what I saw: a vampire bite!

“Huh, what’s that? But… how come? It cannot be! …”, I cried out, looking in disbelief at the fresh, red vampire bite on my neck.

Suddenly, I saw Derek’s reflection in the mirror, scaring the hell out of me, I did not hear him coming in.  Screenshot-43“What does that mean in my neck? Who did this and when?” I asked angrily, looking at him through the mirror.

“We need to talk!”, he said, disregarding my question. By the tone of his voice and expression on his face, I knew he would not take no for an answer.

I was speechless upon learning of all that had happened. I took a deep breath, trying to recover from the shock, but the mouth was still half-open.

“So that monster really attacked me, I wasn’t dreaming?” I asked furiously, my eyes glaring as I stared at Derek, “And Cataleya? Did she hurt my daughter? Where is that monster? I’ll kill her!”

“I already told you the whole story in details, Elvira. Charlotte prevented Margot from hurting your daughter.” Derek replied, annoyed.

Then he made a short pause, and continued, with a strange melancholic expression on his face, as he spoke. “Chalotte killed her. Margot will never disturb you nor your daughter again.”

I had never imagined that Charlotte would have the courage to attack a vampire. This greatly changed the way I saw her. It seemed to me that I still had much to learn about her.

But at that moment the most important thing was to learn as much as I could about what I had become. I needed to know especially how things would go with my daughter, now that I, too, would soon be a source of danger for her.

“And you both turned me into a vampire?” I asked, staring at him.

“As I said, I did not have a choice.”

I stared at him silently for a few minutes. I saw my life flashing before my eyes. I needed some time to organize my thoughts.

Derek also kept silent, waiting until I felt ready to continue our conversation.

Despite having decided not to accept that gift, I did not feel sad, or disappointed, that I was given no choice. Deep down I wanted it. That’s what I felt when Derek had offered me in the first place.

On the other hand, I knew now that was no turning back and I feared for Cataleya.

Screenshot-21“How much longer until the transformation is complete?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“You slept longer than usual. You only have a few hours left. I need to instruct you about the vampire codes.”, He said, not hiding his anxiety.

“Please, go ahead. I want to know everything I need about this new life I have… or shall I call it death?!.” I said.  Although I was quite excited for what was coming, I could not help but add a sarcastic tone in my answer.

Ignoring my sarcasm, Derek went on,

“The codes are rules of behavior, written by Elvenor, the first vampire, or, as many call him, our father. They exist to help the vampires to live in the most harmonic way possible among mortals. And they are mandatory for all vampires. It is said that, if a vampire fails to follow the codes, Elvenor returns to judge him or her himself. And the sentence is usually death. I witnessed one of these judgments with my own eyes.

“Here, read them carefully first, and ask all questions you need later.”, Derek told me, as he handed me an old parchment. He left me alone while I read, returning a few minutes later.  Then he sat back down next to me, waiting patiently for my questions.

“There’s a point here that I did not quite understand, for example, ‘Choose well your victims and never drink innocent blood’? How to choose a victim and what’s exactly about the innocent blood?” I started, puzzled.

First, all vampires are undead and feed on the life of mortals, causing suffering and even death. But there are many mortals who also torment other mortals. We try to feed us mortals that cause more damage, as murderers, thieves, etc. If we not find any, which is rare. Then we feed of the deceased. But never on a child, or a pregnant mortal, obviously. The younger the child, the more pure is the blood.

The innocent blood is extremely dangerous to vampires. It can drive a vampire to insanity. They get literally mad and must be eliminated. But vampires are also deeply attracted by the innocent blood. While Newborn, the best way is to avoid contact with children and pregnant women. But the best way to deal with if is through self control. But this only occurs in the course of time and after great effort.

“When is a vampire considered a Newborn?”

“A vampire is considered Newborn because he did not yet achieve self discipline, usually before completing hundred years. But the vast majority mature well before that time.”

“And that this portion is capable of replacing human blood?”

“To answer this question, we need to go to my laboratory,” Derek replied, inviting me to accompany him.

To my surprise, we went down all floors, until we reached the pantry in the basement. From there, Derek opened a very heavy secret door, made of cement. I realized that there was still a huge part of house completely unknown to me.Screenshot-11
The door revealed another space, almost empty, where, curiously, there were plants. They were growing some kind of plants that obviously did not need natural light. I was tempted to ask, but Derek hurried towards a long corridor.

My heart raced as Derek opened the door down the hall. There was a super modern laboratory equipped with devices that I had never seen before, nor imagined that they even existed.

“Welcome to Elvenor’s laboratory!!” He said with a rather forced smile. I could even sense a sarcastic edge in his voice.

“What are all these machines for?” I blurted out, not hiding my surprise.

“This house once belonged to Elvenor. At the time he lived here, he devoted all his time researching a potion that would replace human blood. All you see here, all of these machines, were built by Elvenor himself. The technology used here is much more advanced than anything we can find on our planet. ”

“You know how to handle them?”

“Yes. When I came to live here with Charlotte, Elvenor himself put me in charge of his research and taught me everything I needed.”

“And all these books?”

“Most of them were written by Elvenor himself, Melinda, Fairy Chanter Heartfly and even Charlotte. Some others came from the home planets of Melinda and Fairy Chanter Heartfly. All others are from some excellente authors in SimEarth. In general these are authors who have a much more advanced thinking for their time. Elvenor himself and Melinda accompany these mortals very closely. ”

“And why did you bring me here?”


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Chapter 13: Out of control


* * *   W A R N I N G !   * * * 
Sensitive issues and rough language
in this chapter!


Attracted by the noise in Elvira’s Room, Derek rushed to her, fearing for the child.

Derek was getting tired with his Newborn’s insubordination. It was time to give them a lesson. After all, they had already reached the first stage of maturity. They should know by now, how to control themselves.

To his surprise, he encountered Charlotte in the hallway, also running towards Elvira’s apartment. He didn’t expected her back so soon.

Their puzzled gazes met briefly. But there was no time for words. The strange noise had been now replaced by an even more suspicious silence. Anxious, Derek pushed past Charlotte, rushing to Elvira’s room.

In the bedroom, they found Elvira on the floor beside the bed. She showed no apparent injuries, but she did not move either.  That was not a good sign.

1Margot was across the room, holding Cataleya, smiling … a mischievous smile. Her eyes fixed on the child as though in a trance.

Despite her distress, Charlotte tried to stay calm. She walked slowly towards Margot and tried to persuade her to leave the child alone.

Screenshot-10“Margot, put this child right back in the crib!” She commanded Margot, with a soft, yet determined, firm voice.

But instead of returning the child, Margot held it even closer to her teeth, adding even more strain to the situation.

Derek could not understand why Margot had challenged him in such a way. At the same time, he was no more certain that he had acted correctly. Perhaps the temptation of a pregnant mortal, and after that, a newly born child, was too much for everyone. Especially Margot, who had always been impulsive and extravagant.

He remained at the door, silent, as if transfixed with terror. Even more so when he realized how much the situation had escalated. Completely out of control, Margot was now challenging Charlotte. She had no idea of the danger she was putting herself in.

“Or what, malevolent witch! Are you going to kill me, just as you murdered my Maker? You think you scare me? Raise this magic wand of yours and you’ll have the same fate as this stupid mortal!”

“Enough, Margot! Leave that child alone!” Cried Derek, suddenly, as he took the child from Margot’s arms and accommodated her back in the cradle.

Without hesitation, Elvira cast a spell on Margot, killing her instantly.


Margot Fournier, vengeful soul,
We bind you from your evil goal.
Through Melinda’s will
and our infinite power,

Let this be your last cruel hour!”


Yet Margot came back almost immediately, in the form of a horrifying ghost. She walked slowly towards Charlotte to say, with a demonic voice,

“You will pay dearly for it, you hypocritical witch! Write my words!”

Charlotte kept silence, staring at Margot. It was necessary much more than angry ghost to scare her. Charlotte was more than 400 years old, she had already seen much worse than that. On the contrary, despite having killed her, she felt sorry for her, because Margot have not been able to overcome her hindrances.

Shortly after, the spectra figure of Grim Reaper appeared behind Margot, to carry her to the other side. “No one can escape destiny. Come back to where you belong!” And with that, both disappear as a deathly silence filled the room.

Only Derek broke the silence as he approached Charlotte, complaining,

Screenshot-35“Damn, Charlotte! Did you lose your mind? Why did you kill her? Is this how you usually deal with difficult people, getting rid of them?

Disappointed and angry by Derek’s reaction, Charlotte replied in a sarcastic tone,

Screenshot-37“Really? Would you rather have waited until she finished what she had started? How long do you think it would take until she turned against you? You disappoint me, Derek, how can you still feel sorry for that monster?”

Worried, Charlotte looks at Elvira and says, “But I’m afraid we lost already too much time. We need to act now before it is too late.”

Both approached Elvira, examining her life signs and trying to wake her up. But they could not. Margot had caused more damage than they imagined.

12“She’s still alive, but I can not do anything for her. Her wounds are too severe, she won’t wake up. She will die soon.”, Charlotte said, holding back her tears.

Derek knew what Charlotte expected of him, and he also wanted to do it. But he had never broken the rules before and he would not start now.

3“There’s nothing I can do, Charlotte. We were not able to talk, I don’t know if she accepted the Gift or not.”

A feeling of remorse invaded Charlotte. She knew she could have helped Elvira. She could have canceled the spell that protects the house, allowing Elvira to escape. He could have cast a spell on Elvira, making her invisible, giving her enough time to get out of Derek’s reach. But he had refused. She preferred to stay out, believing that Elvira was Derek’ problem. Directly or not, she had contributed to the death of an innocent being.

Now it was already too late. Elvira had already almost crossed to the other side, her soul was already wandering away from her body. She already had crossed the boundaries of a spell. Now, only the vampire’s blood could help her.

“No, I can not allow that to happen. Not to Elvira!”, she said softly to herself, as tears dropped down her face.

Screenshot-30“Charlotte, please! You know the Codes. I can not turn her without her permission. There is nothing I can do. This matter is closed for discussion!”, Derek pleaded, trying to make Charlotte understand.

But Charlotte could not understand. Margot had gone out control and Elvira was the one paying with her life. And rather than helping her, Derek was obsessed by certain rules of behavior, which had nothing to do with their situation.

No, she could not let that happen. Derek would help Elvira, willingly or not. Damn the codes!

“To hell with the codes, Derek! Are you letting her pay for your incompetence and cowardice? You gave me your word that you’d protect her. I would never have left her alone if I knew she was in danger. It was you who put Elvira in this situation. You knew your three monsters! You are responsible for her death and now you will fix what you did!” Charlotte spoke in a voice full of rancor, pointing her finger at him as she spoke.

Derek first gave Charlotte a harsh look, expressing his displeasure.

But then he realized how right she was. He had been naive in believing that he could tame his Newborns and it was Elvira who had to pay dearly for his mistake.

On the other hand, he still remembered well the words of Elvenor about the codes.

“But what I do when Elvenor finds out? I’m sure he will!”

Screenshot-68“Elvenor also knows that People sometimes promise to do things it’s impossible for them to do. When the time comes, we’ll deal with my father together.”

19Derek approached Elvira. Kneeling beside her, he said, “Elvira, I do not know if you can hear me. I would have given you the choice, that was my intention. Unfortunately life took a different course than I expected.”

Then he held Elvira gently and respectfully, bringing his mouth to her neck, uniting them. He sucked Elvira’s blood, sensing her death approaching more and more. Just before her last moment, he stopped and made her drink of his blood, turning her into a vampire.

Turning back to Charlotte, he said,

“It is done. She will remain unconscious for another day. As soon as she wakes up, I will instruct her on the Vampire’s Codes. After her transformation, she’s free to go.”

Derek was about to leave the room when he heard Cataleya awakening and begining to grumble slightly. He then turned to the cradle and held Cataleya, watching her for a moment, his eyes fixed as though in a trance.

Then, while still gazing the child, he said softly, with a very sweet voice,

46“How beautiful and innocent … what shall we do with you, my sweet Cataleya?”

Observing him and feeling already uneasy with the situation, Charlotte replied, “I’ll take care of her until Elvira’s transformation is complete.”

47But Derek, still in a trance, did not seem to listen. He played with Cataleya, with utmost tenderness, approaching his mouth to the girl’s belly, to kiss her. The child smiled at Derek, filled with delight by the attention received.

As her apprehension increased, Charlotte said, “Derek, please put the child in the crib!”

50Mocking Charlotte, Derek said, his eyes still fixed on the girl, “Do not worry, Charlotte. I’ve already lived long enough to know how to control myself. The temptation is great, I admit…”

48Putting Cataleya down back in the crib, he continued, “but I’m not a monster. I could never hurt someone so innocent like her.”


vampire-151457_640To be continued…

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Chapter 12: Darkness

My daughter had already completed two weeks and I had not yet seen any sign of Derek. I knew he would take her from me if I decided not be turned. Yet he seemed not to care, how or when it would happen. I felt anxious. I was afraid of losing what was most precious to me.

Meanwhile, I had decided not to become a vampire. Not that I had no interest in eternal life. It was Cataleya the reason why I was going to decline this alluring proposal. Still, I would try to delay as much as possible, before telling my decision to Derek..

Deep down, I knew that if I accepted to be turned, I would need to deliver Cataleya to a family anyway. Otherwise, her life would be at risk. And even if I were able to protect her, perhaps with Charlotte’s help, she would still remain a prisoner.
While I could not imagine such a fate for her, I knew that I didn’t have the strength to give her away.

I felt a terrible mother. The mother’s love should be unconditional, I should first think about Cataleya’s well-being, even if it meant our separation. However, I did not feel that way. I wanted her to be happy, but next to me. I wanted to see her taking her first steps, to hear her call me mommy. Why everyone had all this but me ?

Once again, I was looking for a way to escape from that place. I needed to protect my little angel. I could not imagine my daughter being raised by a strange family.

But before I could even think about an escape plan, something terrible happened.

I woke up one morning with a strange sensation. There was an odd silence in my room. I realized I had slept all night. That could not be a good sign. Cataleya used to wake me at least twice during the night.


Startled, I got up immediately, looking for Cataleya, but she was not there. The crib was empty.

I ran out of the room, Looking for help … I screamed, I called Charlotte, called Derek … but deep down, I knew that no one would help me.

It is very hard to describe what I felt at that moment. It was like my heart had stopped beating. The ground beneath my feet disappeared.

It was as if a dark cloud had stopped over me and changed my world into darkness. All I could think about was revenge.

Moments later, Derek appeared in the hallway, astonished by my cries, wondering what happened. Uncontrolled and desperate, I advanced on him, accusing him of stealing my child.

“You jerk, what you did to my daughter? Give me my daughter back! NOW!!!”

But he looked at me, surprised. He didn’t do it, it wasn’t him.


“What are you talking about, Elvira?”, he asked, puzzled, “I did not do anything. I gave you my word that NO ONE would touch your daughter, before you take a decision. And I do keep my promises!”

34 “Are you sure about that? Well, she disappeared! Someone came into my room and stole my daughter. It was certainly one of those monsters that you insist in keeping here!”

“Calm down, Elvira, please. I’ll find her, I promise. She’s alive and inside the house. You may not understand, but I can tell, I  can feel her presence.”

“Then go get her before it’s too late. Please Derek, do not let them kill my daughter, I beg you! She’s just an innocent baby!”

Moments later, to my relief, I saw Derek arriving, carrying my daughter. I ran towards him to catch her. I needed to feel her in my arms again.

27“Here is her, safe and sound. Here, take her.”, he said, giving her to me.

“Who dared to enter my room to do this cruelty to my baby?” I asked, completely enraged. I examined her entire body, looking for vampire bites. I wanted to be sure she was not harmed. And I was completely relieved to see there was nothing.

Tightening her in my arms, I said,

“Oh, my sweetheart, my little angel, don’t be afraid. Mommy is here now to protect you.”

I put her in the crib while Derek watched me, silent. I knew what he was expecting, but I did not have the courage to tell him about my decision. I could not handle losing Cataleya  for the second time on the same night.

I caressed Cataleya, gave her a kiss, took a deep breath and turned to Derek. But before we could talk, I saw the door open. It was Tiberius.

Frantically, I advanced towards him, screaming,

“What is this freak doing here? Get out of my room! Don’t you think I’ve done enough harm to us?”

But the worst was yet to come. I looked around and saw Margot entering. I was beside myself with rage. I turned to her, turning my back to Tiberius,

“If you touch my daughter one more time, I’ll kill you, I promise.” II shouted, pointing my finger as I spoke. My anger was so great that I scared her for a moment, forcing her to take a step back.

“No point in reacting, Margot. She went completely mad! She’s hysterical. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she had planned all this only to incriminate us.”, Tiberius shouted back, behind me.

Margot let out a sarcastic laugh and said, looking at me, “Believe me, useless human, the moment we decide to taste your little pet, we will not fail.”
Then she turned her attention to Tiberius, “Do not worry, Tiberius. The end of this one is closest than she imagines.”

Before I could react, I heard Derek’s voice, ordering the two to leave immediately.

“Derek, believe me, we didn’t do anything. I do not have the slightest idea how this child ended up in the sarcophagus’ room. Obviously, someone left it there on purpose, to incriminate us. Margot and I, we were out all night… together.” Tiberius claims, trying to convince Derek.
“Get out now!”, Derek demanded, pointing him the door.

After they left, Derek moved closer, putting his cold hand around my shoulders.

“We already had enough for today. Why don’t you get some rest? We’ll talk tomorrow.”


.   .   .


The day passed smoothly, I did not see any of the vampires. Charlotte, who had been gone for two days, was coming back that night. And I was completely relieved by her return. I could not wait to see her again and to try to convince her to help me. I knew it was almost impossible, but I had to try. Now more than ever.

As usually, I put Cataleya in the cradle, gave her a goodnight kiss and went to bed.

It was then, when it all started…

I was sleeping when Margot entered my room, quietly.

I woke up in the air, feeling Margot’s hand on my neck, holding it, trying to break it. With a demonic force, she pulled me out of bed, throwing me in the air.

With a single strike, she threw me on the floor. Then everything went black.


vampire-151457_640to be continued…


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Chapter 11: The Gift

I gave birth to a baby girl, who I called Cataleya, the name of a beautiful orchid with purple, pink or white flowers. I had seen the photo of this flower in a book about botanic at the time I was working in the library. I was so impressed by its beauty that I decided to put that name on my daughter. 29
My little baby was born with easily impressed and brave traits. But before her birth, precisely three weeks before, I received an unexpected visit from Derek.
13 Despite the late hour, I was still awake, reading. Without even asking me if I was willing to listen, he came in, sat down next to me and calmly began to talk about himself, about his life at the time met Elvenor.
“I was born in Dragon Valley, in the simyear 1310. I was the eldest of a large family of nine brothers and three sisters. My father worked in the only port in the village, as a kind of cargo handling supervisor.

We were in the year 1345, when a ship from Barnacle Bay anchored in our small harbor, carrying a crew killed by a new disease. Within just a few years, the plague had spread to almost all regions of Simworld. The disease wiped out nearly a third of Simsworld’s population. My father was one of the first victims of this terrible disease and none of my family was spared.

I belonged to the royal guard of the king of Dragon Valley, King Maethon. By the time the plague was spreading, I was not in Dragon Valley. Along with a fellow knight, I had been sent by the King to Al Simhara, Egypt, on a secret mission.
1 When I returned, I came across the bodies of my family, already in the early stages of decomposition. 2
I was afraid of being infected but, at the same time, I could not leave them there to rot. Since all bodies were spread out inside the house, I ended up choosing to burn down everything.

But all my efforts were in vain. A few days later, I could already recognize the signs of disease in my body. I knew that my end was near, since no one had yet found a cure for the plague. Terrified, I tried to get help in the royal palace, counting on their support. But I stumbled upon the closed gates. No one could enter the palace, not even the royal guard.

Terrified, humiliated and dissapointed for having been excluded by the royal court, to which I had rendered service during my entire life, I ran away from all civilization.
I owned a small cabin in the woods, where I used to stay when needed some time alone. I thought it would be an appropriate place to stay until death would come to take me. But it was not yet my time. Instead of death, it was Elvenor, a vampire, who came to meet me.”
“And why are you telling me this?”, I asked, puzzled and even quite angry. After all, that man was in my room at that late hour, revealing his secrets to me, as if we were best friends.

Ignoring my question, he continued,
“I remained in that shelter for two days. I even managed to feed myself at first. However, over time, weakness took over my body. I could barely walk. I sat in a chair and remained seated until I fainted.”
I do not know how long I remained there, motionless, unconscious. When I finally woke up, I knew immediately that there was someone there with me. I opened my eyes slowly, allowing them to adjust to the light. I then saw a pale figure, standing next to me. He was tall, had blond, long hair. His skin was pale and smooth, without wrinkles. Still, I knew he was not as young as the looked. His features were perfect, he was handsome. He looked more like an apparition, an angel sent to me… to guide me to the other side.

But, somehow, I knew something did not fit. While I could not stop admiring that splendid being, I had a strange feeling of impending danger. I knew something was very wrong with him. Then he knelt beside me and, looking into my eyes, he said, softly,7
“Dear Derek, you’re so sick. I do not think you can withstand another night …”

Putting together what remained of my strength, I tried to straighten myself in my chair and, looking into his eyes, I muttered, “Why would you care?… What do you want?”

“I can pluck out your pain, and give you another life, one you could never imagine, and it would be for all time. And sickness and death could never touch you again.” I remained silent, staring at him, waiting for what he would say. I did not believe that there was still something in the world able to save me, so …
“If I leave you here, you die, or you can be young always, my friend. As we are now. But first you must want it, this new life. And you need to understand that it will not be anything like the life you lived until now.”
“Who are you and why would you help me, since even the King, whom I served my entire life, turned his back to me!” I said, bitterly.

“I have long wandered alone around the world, studying what became of me. I am a being of darkness, a vampire. I live at night and rest during the day. I’ve been watching you for years. I admire your character. You’re honest, fair, courageous. You’re one of the few creatures I found worthy of this priceless gift.”
But the life that I can offer to you will not be perfect. You will need blood to survive and, at least in the early days, will not be able to walk in the daylight. Your life will need to be discreet, secret. You will need to live in the shadows. You will not have friends, loneliness will be your greatest enemy.”

“Look at me ,” I replied , using a sarcastic tone, ” What kind of life do I have? I lost everything I had , family, friends , my house , even the King’s attention. I’m dying . As you said yourself I may not even have another night. what I have to lose? ”
Before I could even perceive the movement, I was already standing, with Elvenor’s teeth inside my right wrist, sucking all my blood. And just before life left my body, he gave me his blood.

I woke up on day later. All the pain I felt before was gone. However, I had not yet completed my transformation. My body still not died completely. The entire process would take two more days.

During this time, Elvenor showed me how to feed, how to use my new powers and, most importantly, he made sure I understood the rules of the vampires. These are very important codes of behavior, which are used not only to protect every living sim, but also to ensure our own survival.
After my transformation was over, Elvenor left me. He disappeared just as he had appeared, without a trace. Before going, however, he said,
“Never forget the vampire codes, because they are what will keep you alive. Even though I won’t be close to you physically, my mind will be always connected with yours. Just as I created thee I can destroy you, if you fail to follow the rules.”
“Goodbye, my dear friend. One day we’ll meet again, I promise.”

. . .

I stared at him without knowing what to say. Until finally I asked, fearing that one of those so precious rules would mean my death.
“And what kind of rules are they?”

“This is not the point, at the moment. I just told you this story because I thought you should know. Because I would like to turn you into a vampire.”
“What ?!”

“I’ve been watching you, during this short time you have been here. After all you went through, you don’t let yourself down. You’re a fighter. Your courage, your energy fascinates me.”

“What do you know about my courage? What you could possibly know about me?”, I shot back, challenging him.

“You’re also smart. You can easily adapt to situations. You do not waste time with useless dramas. At the same time, you know what you want. It would be a shame to see you die.”

“But will you still kill me?”, I asked, worried about my future.
“All of you will die one day. Even if I do not kill you today, or when your child is born, your lifetime is absurdly short. It does not last longer than blink of an eye.”

I kept looking at him, silently. I did not know what to think, how to react. As much as I hated them, the vampires, the idea of immortality was very seductive. This would also give me the chance to settle those three monsters once and for all.
But suddenly I remembered. “And my child, what would become of her?”

“For the sake of the child, even if you are a vampire, I would advise to entrust it to a family. I know some good families that would fit perfectly. But this would most probably be your decision. But never forget that a child’s blood is an almost irresistible temptation, especially for a young vampire.”

After a short pause, he continued …
“Anyway, I could never turn you during your pregnancy. Still, I wanted to give you this choice. You still have almost a month to decide. Think about it.”
“And if I do not accept?” 23

“I will spare you, as I promised to Chalotte. But you will remain a prisoner. And I will make sure that you will never see your child again.”  

A/N: I’d like to thank Elle0808, for the beautiful world Moon Valley.

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Chapter 10: The Presence

The days that followed that revealing conversation I had with Charlotte were filled with a deep silence. The impact of all that I had heard of Charlotte had been so great that her words were spinning incessantly in my mind.
The recent discovery of the existence of extraterrestrial beings altered completely my perception of the world. And still, I was aware that our conversation was not finished.
But although I had so many questions, I needed time to digest everything before proceeding.

It was during a working session at Charlotte’s lab that I finally broke my silence, wondering, “In addition to vampires, werewolves, fairies… and all those of whom you spoke, how many more extraterrestrial beings are still around?

2Surprised by my sudden question, she turned back to me and replied, “What?”

“Many books talk about genies, ghosts, zombies, unicorns … are they all from other planets? And out of those, how many more are there?”

“Does it really matter, Elvira?” Charlotte replied, slightly irritated by my question.

“It is very important to me! I see that I spent my life in darkness. It was this ignorance that killed my husband, that destroyed my life and probably my child’s life. How could I continue to live as if the world was still perfect? ”

“The Unicorns, as well as most enchanted beings, including the dragons, were also created by the fairies. They have some magic but are docile, in general. They are so docile that they can easily be domesticated by humans… unfortunately!

The ghosts, on the other hand, whether human or not, are beings who, for one reason or another, are not yet ready to cross over to the other side.
As for the zombies and genies … well, they are a long story, which I’ll tell another day, I promise. ”

“Do you think Derek would allow me to search in the libraries on the subject?”

A few months later, Derek suspended my punishment. Partially only, the gardens were still out of my limits. But at least I could move around freely inside the house. I took the opportunity to research everything I could on enchanted beings.

During that time, I still continued to help Charlotte. However, due to my pregnancy, now already in recent months, my time in the lab had been reduced noticeably. When not resting in my quarters, I spent most of my time in the libraries, searching.

The Presence 

The first time I felt that strange presence was a late afternoon. I returned to the library to get a book that I had forgotten. I felt a chill, as if someone was there, hidden, watching me.

9I stopped, looked around but there was no one, or at least I did not see anyone. I picked up the book I had been looking for and returned to my room, hastening my step, startled.

At first, I thought that presence was the other vampires, but I soon saw that was wrong. I felt that odd presence even after seeing them leave.

12When commenting with Charlotte, she said it was nothing more than the fruit of my imagination.

After all this time we had already spent together, I learned to recognize when Charlotte was not being sincere. Still, I decided to ignore her reaction.I would find out for myself what was going on.

On the days that followed, I started to observe everything and everyone. I was completely attentive, all senses sharpened, hoping to find anything that would explain the odd presence. The days passed, I began to despair. I knew there was something there, but despite my intense search, I was able to find nothing.

Finally, everything turned out quickly one night, when I was in the library, reading a book that Charlotte had recommended.

16Suddenly, I felt a chill down your spine. The presence had intensified. At that moment, I knew that, whatever it was that was watching me, following me, that thing was now very close to me.
14I glanced sideways and saw the shadow of a person standing next to the library door.

I lifted my face to look better, to face the entity, but it was gone.

I stood up and screamed as loud as I could, challenging it, “Coward! I am only a mortal, it is I who should be afraid. Show yourself!”
I waited a few minutes, but nothing happened.


. . .

A few days later, as I feared, it happened. I felt the first contractions, my baby was to be born.


To be continued…

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