Chapter 19: The Plasma

Inside Derek’s Lab the two vampires, Elvenor and Derek, start the preparation of the first Plasma potion. It’s a particularly complicate, difficult procedure. Both are extremely nervous.

“Here the instructions Melinda put together for us. Listen carefully! There are 26 ingredients and there’s a specifc time for adding and mixing each one. Especially the final step can be very tricky. I need you stay next to me and to read these instructions slowly, as I prepare the formula.

“Please remember, if the whole takes longer than 40 minutes some of the ingredients will perish and the potion won’t work.

Again, there can be no mistakes. We only have enough ingredients for one try!”

Around one hour later…

“We’re almost there, only the blood plasma missing. But listen! The potion MUST reach the temperature of EXACT 36.7 degrees Celsius (98.06 Fahrenheit) and be kept at this temperature for exact 3 minutes, before adding the last component.” Derek said, carefully checking the instructions in the book.

“Programing temperature/time now… 36.7 degrees Celsius, 3 minutes!”,  Elvenor says, without looking at Derek, focusing on the data on the screen.

Shortly after…

“We did it! That’s it, the potion is ready!”,  Elvenor says exited, checking the results on the screen.

“Here, Derek! Is that not wonderful? If this works, no vampire will ever need human blood to survive again. This portion not only replaces the human blood, but it also ceases all the anxiety generated by the lack of it.

Now all we have to do is to test it on Elvira, shall we?”
“Why don’t WE try it instead of putting Elvira’s recovery in unnecessary danger? I don’t know… Don’t you think it’s a bit early to wake her up? We don’t even know yet for how long the formula will work… or if it works at all!”

“Oh, my Derek… always so concerned with others… But don’t worry, everything is under control. I can handle Elvira, even without the Plasma.”

“If the portion works, she’ll only need a small dose of my blood to be completely healed.”

As soon as Elvenor opens the sarcophagus, like a beast, Elvira jumps out, and attacks everybody and everything around her.
“I said she was not ready yet!”, Derek said, looking  at Elvira, his eyes filled with pity.
“Don’t be so pessimistic, Derek. Give me some credit, would you?!”

8Calm down, Elvira. We are here to help you.

“Look into my eyes, Elvira. Concentrate on my voice. All you see is my eyes. All you hear is my voice. Everything else has no importance now. Your sole aim of life is to follow my commands… Obey your master!”

“When you hear I say the word “plasma” and clap my hands, you will wake up from the trance. You will return to normal and will remember nothing. Until then, You will Do as I command.”
“You are now calm, Elvira. You are in peace with yourself.”

“Who am I, Elvira?”
“My master.”
“How are you feeling?”
“I’m feeling well, calm…”
“Well done, Elvira”

“Now you will drink this. Drink it all! Then I want you to tell me how you feel.”

13“Drink… drink it all…”

14“How do you feel, Elvira?”
“I feel well, calm…”

“Plasma!”, Elvenor says, as he claps his hands loudly, awakening Elvira from the trance she was in.

“Huh? What am I doing here? What is this? Who are you?”, she stutters in confusion.
“How are you feeling, Elvira?”, Elvenor asks, analyzing her carefully.

“I’m fine … I mean, more or less … but who the hell are you?”, Elvira asks, without hiding her astonishment.

“I am Elvenor, the creator of Derek. The first vampire.”, he answers, adding a pause, giving her time to organize her thoughts. Then he continues.

“We took you from the sarcophagus. You are almost healed, but you’ll need my blood quickly, before the symptoms return.”

“Here, drink it now!… we can talk later.”, he says, stressing her. Elvira obeys.

“How do you feel now?”, he asks again.

“I’m great! I mean … normal. No anxiety, no negative emotion. I feel really fine. Like before I became a vampire.”

“Perfect … But there is still a test. Wait here, I’ll get the test object.”, he says, before leaving the lab for a short time. Soon he returns, holding a toddler in his arms and walks towards Elvira.

“You think you could hold this child for me?”

“Sure”, she answers, with a firm, steady voice.

“Oh, what a cute baby girl!… Is that not wonderful? I don’t feel that crazy desire to feed on her anymore. Nothing. She’s only a child! This is the effect of your blood?”, she asks, turning back to Elvenor once more, while still holding the toddler in her arms.

“Partially. But it was mainly because of the Plasma you drank.”

“Plasma?”, Elvira looked at him confused.

“I had to hypnotize you after you’re out of the sarcophagus, this was the only way to keep you under control. We woke you up twenty years ahead of time, hoping to be able to cure you with the Plasma. You’re now completely healed.”

“This means that I can join my daughter?”

“First … please give me this child back. The potion still needs to be refined. We have no idea yet how long it will last.”

“And, yes, theoretically you could join your daughter. However, this will still not be possible. At least not for the time being. We still need your help.”

“No! All I want is to live with my daughter. As you yourself said, you guys already caused me enormous damage!”, she replies, altering her voice. Completely disappointed by Elvenor response, she stares at him, waiting for an apology. As nothing comes, she continues, without hiding her rage.

“Forget that I exist. I want nothing to do with you all!”

26“It’s not that simple, Elvira. Now you are one of us. You can not turn your back, the decision is not yours to take.”

“Ah, but you are so very much mistaken! It’s me who decides my life and I decided to live with my daughter. And there’s nothing you can do!”, she replies, challenging him.

“You spent over fifteen years in the sarcophagus. I don’t think you will have the same opinion when you know what’s happening in this world. For the sake of your own daughter, you will help us.”, Elvenor answers with a terrifying firmness in his voice, as he is about to reveal a secret that would change everyone’s life.

“This is nothing but a trick to keep me here. Do you think I don’t know all your games?”, Elvira answers, daring him again.

Even suspecting that something is not correct, Elvira tries to ignore her sixth sense. But her suspicions are confirmed when Derek intervenes.

“True, Elvira. They have not yet arrived here, but already everywhere. We need to unite to fight them. Otherwise, the world, the way we know it will soon no longer exist.”

Meanwhile, at Charlotte and Cataleya…




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I have been playing TS3 for a while and I love telling stories, using the game as a base. Right now, I'm starting over the Going Solo Challenge, using my favorite sim, Elvira Slayer.
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6 Responses to Chapter 19: The Plasma

  1. jazen says:

    Glad Elvira was able to come out early. I’m sure that’s a relief, but alas she’s still not able to be with her daughter. 😦 That’s all she’s wanted and they still rob her of that desire. Their needs/wants keep out weighing hers and she never asked for this, any of it. They should at least let her meet her child considering all the wrongs done to her by Derek and his clan. No one seems to care about that though. 😦

    Not sure what to make of that last picture.

  2. Piazzagirl says:

    Thankfully Derek and Elvnor were able to get the plasma potion to work and Elvira won’t have to spend all of that time in the sarcophagus. I know they said she shouldn’t go to Catelya now and there must be a very good reason for that but I knew she wouldn’t want to listen to them. Maybe they are side effects to the plasma as well as whatever else they seem to be worried about.

    I do wonder what is up with that last picture at the end. Will be looking forward to finding out in the next update.

  3. Oh yay for plasma! That sure will make vampires less dangerous…well…now they don’t NEED to feed on humans anyway. They’ll still be dangerous.

    I wonder what is going that Elvira would need to stay and help. She’s so heasdstrong and missed out on raising her daughter I know she won’t be happy to wait any longer.

    What is going on? The picture at the end is very ominous. I’m looking forward to your next update!

    • EliRoc says:

      The vampires will at least have no more reason to feed on humans but… well, they’re used to. I’m sure many won’t want this replacement 😉
      Elvira actually doesn’t know her daughter at all, last time she saw her, Cataleya was a baby. I wonder how would be this meeting.
      Thank you a lot for reading!

  4. Congrats to Derek and Elvenor for successfully creating the Plasma. That will make life much easier for vampires and soften the urges.

    I didn’t think Elvira would take this too well, even getting to wake up ahead of schedule. She just wants to be with her daughter, but her services are still needed. She’s got to be so frustrated and rather angry at the situation she’s in. Let’s hope whatever she needs to do can get done relatively quickly so she can reunite with her daughter. Cataleya has been without her mother much too long.

    Looking forward to the next part. 🙂

    • EliRoc says:

      For Elvira, things got only better. After all she could skip almost 20 years inside the sarcophagus. Her daughter would be at least 40 years old. At that time already old. Now she can at least hope to get to know Cataleya.

      But, yes, Elvira is far from getting rid of the other vampires, especially now that she is one of them. This is something she can’t deny. As much as she hates them, she needs them.
      Thanks for reading!

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